Monday, December 14, 2009

Hello everyone! I am OFFICIALLY out of Blogspot. I'm using Tumblr now, sooo feel free to look at it. There's the link up on a title. Yeah, i am breaking up with Blogspot. So? I'm gonna leave you and bring my 3 child along with me. See ya and don't wannabe ya! Haahaha. Here's the link again

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Hello friends and girlfriends and boyfriends, i am away for like 120 hours from now? Hahaha its 5 days baby! Away where? Well to Padang,Indonesia of course :D Doa en gw selamat di dlm pesawat ya? *ok ewww

Friday, November 6, 2009


Wohooooo, follow me! Here's the link. Enjoy <3

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I am really pissed at someone right now! Can you ever imagine that your own cousin screaming at your little brother, and the best part is IN FRONT of you. I was like WTF?! He is my brother, even his annoying and shit but he is still my brother. Only my family and i can do that, especially me of course. UGGHHH

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Last night when i was giggling with my brother about some chick, suddenly our dad summon us on his room. He was smoking some expensive cigar, idk what it is but who cares? Than he ask us;

Babah; How's your study?
Us; Good?
Babah; Does the bibik clean up the house yet?
Me; Of course, this bibik was like thesuperbEVER! She done everything without been ask to, and she cooked well too! Why babah?
Babah; You all knew this bibik is just for impermanent until that bibik i order came right?
Us; Erk yeah so? We do like her a lot!
Babah; Hurm, i have to take her away and change her with that new bibik. She arrive to Malaysia tomorrow.
Me; What? No way! I want her, WE want her. We treat her like our own sister, even we don't have any sisters. She's kind to us, please don't take her away.
Babah; If don't, i'll pay the agency double and i don't intend to do it.
Me; Please? For our sake?
Babah; Hurm let me think about it.

So that's what happen last night, i was like fucking furious! She just came here last 3 weeks i guess. It's that new bibik fault who didn't came on the right date that she suppose to come. Ughh. Oh oh anyway, i am going to Padang, Indonesia this Saturday so i'll away for like 5 days? Wohoooo!